I'm Anthony. I'm 20.
I take pictures and love to learn.



David Lynch on the set of Twin Peaks


Anna Karina dans Vivre Sa Vie (Godard, 1962)


I made a career, in the early days, of negative reviews. I put them all in the adds, because at that time the critics were square. FIlm critics now would never rise to the kind of reviews that we had, and in those days the critics hated underground movies. They hated the excess of it, they didn’t get it. Those negative reviews were a great help to me at the time. If it was the right kind of negative review I was thrilled—things like, “It’s like septic tank explosion—must be seen to be believed.” You can’t make up quotes that good! Yes, but some of them could hurt. I remember one in Variety that was a very dismissive, short review for Desperate Living that just said, “Amateur night at the psycho ward.” And today that doesn’t bother me because I don’t think the actors were amateur, they had to work hard! They didn’t even have a dressing room! There was no food! That’s not amateur, that’s a dedication to cinema.
I interviewed the wonderful John Waters before the opening of The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s retrospective starting tonight.


Federico Fellini & Marcello Mastroianni

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